Thursday, July 15, 2010

Use a passion pillow to rub your G-spot just right.

favorite sex positions for g-spot orgasm
While out shopping I found a fantastic passion pillow. I like to place a pillow under my bum during sex in my favorite position. Not only does it make sex more comfortable.

It has the effect of tilting my hips and changing the angle of my vagina in such a way that causes my hubby’s penis to rub and press into my G-spot when he thrusts.

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I’m not sure what the ‘correct name’ of this sex positions is, as it has several. I like the Tantric name ‘The Flower Press’ best because I like to think of my femaleness and my sex as a flower and this position presses this flower’s button just right!

best g-psot orgasm positionsWe begin in the ‘missionary position’ with me lying on my back. Then once my hubby is inside me, I spread my legs wide, lift them up in the air, and place my ankles on my hubby’s shoulders and bring my legs closer together to take to strain off my hips. Sometimes I like the feeling of him between my thighs and I wrap my legs around his waist. I then lift up my bum and he places a pillow under my hips.

favorite sex positions for female orgasmMy hubby likes this position too. It allows him to have full view of me and he can lean against my thighs and support himself while using his hands to caress my breasts and play with my nipples, which I like a lot. He also says he likes it because he can watch me play with my clitoris.

In this position I love the way his penis rubs against the base of my clitoris inside my vagina and presses into my G-spot when he thrusts. Because I have developed my vagina muscles with regular pelvic exercise, I’ll have him enter me and remain still while I squeeze and milk his penis (The Velvet Grip technique), pressing it intobest sex positions my G-spot by flexing my vaginal muscles and bring myself to orgasm with him buried inside me.

Sometimes I use my hand to stimulate my clitoris. And sometimes I like to have him go really deep inside me so I pull my knees to my chest.

My hubby has learned he needs only to gently thrust his penis into my G-spot as I build up to orgasm, its more like a bumping motion than a thrust, or he remains still and enjoys the pleasure of my strong vagina gripping ans squeezing his penis and then my orgasmic contractions around his penis.

I also like it when he plays with my nipples during my build up to climax. Then, when I start to come, he pinches my nipples firmly (but not too hard) and gently pulls them as I reach the peak of my orgasm.

He has learned to wait for my most intense orgasm (usually the third or fourth one) to tug my nipples. Otherwise they are too tender for the next time we have sex.

The sight of my final intense orgasm, not only lets him know it is his turn to come, it usually turns him on so much he has no choice but to come. His grabbing of my legs and hungrily thrusting his penis into me as he climaxes, prolongs my own orgasmic pleasure.

I do have in my collection of sex accessories a Liberator® wedge. I usually keep it in the closet out of sight. It just doesn’t look like the kind of pillow you leave out. And when the time is right to use it, we are usually too involved in what we are doing to stop and get it out of the closet. Although I am sure my hubby would gladly retrieve it for me, if I asked.

But by this time I am too hungry to have his penis inside me, or I am enjoying the feeling of him being inside me and I don’t want to stop. So we make do with tucking one of the bed pillows under my bum.

use a sex pillow for better g-spot stimulationBut today I found the perfect passion pillow. It is wedged shaped to provide the necessary tilting of my hips to line up my G-spot with my hubby’s thrusting penis, and it is cute enough to leave on the bed when we are not using it for sex.

And if that isn’t enough to get you excited, it also comes in several different colors and has bling. You can choose from ‘Diva’ or a peace sign design (I thought the peace sign was cleaver play on words if you think of the pillow as a sex accessory). It only costs $12 at your local BigLots store! If you want one you better act fast because I don’t know how long they will have them in stock.

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